Calling 08 Numbers

08 numbers, what are they?

08 numbers are typically categorised as non-geographic or NGN phone numbers. 08 contact numbers  However, under this umbrella title lies a varied selection of options to suit a diverse range of needs. 0800, 0808, 0843, 0844, 0845, 08700871 and 0872 open up a wealth of possibilities. Obviously, the one you choose depends on what you are planning to use it for. From freephone 0800 and 0808 numbers to rebate generating 0843 and 0845 options, this site offers an overview of how 08s can work for you. we cover all your o8 number needs but for a wider choice of numbers including 03 numbers why not visit our affiliate over at they cater for everything we don’t.

Service Numbers

08 call chargesYou will often hear 08 phone numbers being referred to as ‘service numbers’. These are commonly used by all types of business of varying sizes – large and small. Are you aware that a recent survey showed that when asked: Which number would you (the caller) rather companies use as their customer service number?

A massive 70% of callers asked actually opted for an 08 number, in particular, an 0800 prefix. Pretty conclusive wouldn’t you say?

About non-geographic (NGN) numbers

Unlike local (geographic) numbers such as 01 or 02, non-geographic telephone numbers are not tied to any one particular location. That means you can enjoy greater freedom and a larger national presence throughout the UK. Marketing campaigns circulated on a wider national presence can benefit massively from such a far-reaching effect.

Please don’t hesitate to call 0800 808 9984 for details of how an 08 NGN can work for you.

More about, ‘Calling 08 Numbers’

Here at, ‘Calling 08 Numbers’ we aim to make choosing the right 08 contact number for you as easy as possible. Rest assured that we use over 35 years experience in the telecoms industry to bring you today’s most up-to-date information. That means you will always be fully informed about what telecom solutions are best for your organisation. Keeping you abreast of relevant changes within the NGN world is a priority, our dedicated team is on hand to address any relevant queries directly.

1st July 2015 – Ofcom bring greater clarity for callers

Ofcom Call ChargesNow calling and installing 08 numbers just got even easier – for everyone. If you are not already aware, 1st July 2015 brought a refreshing dose of cost clarity for callers as Ofcom’s legislation was introduced. For your convenience, we have created a user-friendly Ofcom guide for you to read at leisure. However, if you can’t immediately find the information you require please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 808 9984.

No extra hardware. No additional software. No engineer visit.

Installing an 08 number is incredibly easy, there is no extra equipment required and absolutely no downtime to your business. In addition, you can even use your existing marketing material featuring your old contact number as a gradual transition is made. Giving you time to make changes at a pace that suits your business and budget.